Report on the Walking Tour

September 29th, 2008, by Kent Larsen

Saturday morning, 25 or 30 people joined Jim and Kent for our walking tour of LDS Church history sites in lower manhattan. To keep the groups manageable, we divided the group into two, and the group I took included a number of non-member Chinese speakers. One of the missionaries with the group provided interpreting.

The tour went very well, I thought. The Chinese group took much longer than usual, because of the need to wait for the dialogue to be translated. I also had to switch gears substantially because the group included non-members, and much of our standard dialogue assumes that the audience is LDS.

This is, of course, something we should work on. It would have been nice to have a previously prepared dialogue or notes that help put LDS history in our area in a context that can be understood by those who are not Mormon.

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